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Orlando Bass Fishing in Fall

This time of year can be difficult for some anglers. Locating where the fish are and what they are willing to bite can be frustrating and may take some time. The bait fish are grouping up more this time of year and if you can find them, you more than likely will find the bass.

Some anglers at the dock will tell you to throw over sized baits or smaller baits than you normally would. Basically, dramatically switch up what you normally would be throwing. I haven't found this to be very reliable. The best way to find big largemouth right now is by covering water. What I mean by this is, throw baits that you are constantly retrieving. Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, squarebills, swim baits, buzz baits and jerk baits.

Fleetwood Bass Fishing Captain Blake Flanscha has been on the water everyday dialing in where the big largemouth bass are located and what they are munching on. The fall weather has been perfect for big bites! Fair temperatures and very windy conditions is contributing to great fishing trips with Capt. Blake.

If you are interested in taking a trip with Capt. Blake or have any questions please call or text him. Blake will always answer your call, unless he's on the water with other guests. In that case, he will text you and call you back.

Capt. Blake is very flexible and open to how you want to fish. He has a lot of experience fishing with inexperienced anglers and all levels. His new state of the art bass boat with 4 Garmin fish finders and livescope has been key on putting his clients on big bass. For your Orlando/Disney vacation experience, take the time out of one of those days to get on the water with Capt. Blake for a memorable once in a lifetime experience.

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