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The Future of Bass Fishing in Orlando: Fleetwood's Brand-New Boat

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

When it comes to bass fishing in Orlando, FL, Fleetwood Bass Fishing stands unrivaled. As the leading bass fishing charter for Conway Chain of Lakes, Winter Park Chain of Lakes, Johns Lake, and the illustrious Butler Chain of Lakes, our reputation is built on years of expert knowledge, unparalleled service, and a passion for the sport.

But what truly sets Fleetwood apart? Our brand-new boat -- designed specifically for bass fishing charters. This state-of-the-art vessel ensures a smoother, more efficient fishing experience, allowing anglers to navigate prime bass territories easily. The boat's advanced features enhance bait presentation, increase casting accuracy, and provide superior stability – all vital for that perfect catch.

The best part? Despite the upgraded experience, our prices remain unchanged. That means better bass fishing charters with the same affordability our clients have come to love. Choose Fleetwood Bass Fishing, and cast your line with the best in Orlando. Your next big catch awaits!

The Skeeter FXR21 Apex powered by Yamaha Sho 250

The Skeeter FXR21 Apex is a model of bass fishing boat produced by Skeeter Boats, a company known for its high-quality fishing boats. The FXR21 Apex is designed with the angler in mind, offering features and amenities that make fishing more efficient and comfortable.

  1. High-Performance Hull Design: This ensures a smooth ride even in rough waters and provides stability when stationary.

  2. Advanced Electronics: The Fleetwood Bass Fishing Skeeter FXR21 Apex has 4 Garmin fish finders, the Garmin Force trolling motor, and other electronic amenities to aid navigation and fishing.

  3. Ample Storage: The FXR21 Apex provides plenty of storage for tackle, rods, and other gear. This means our charter clients can bring their equipment, or we can provide everything needed without cluttering the deck.

  4. Livewells: The boat comes with high-capacity livewells, ensuring the catch remains in prime condition throughout the trip.

  5. Safety: Skeeter boats are known for their safety features, a paramount concern for charter operations. The FXR21 Apex's design ensures that clients are safe throughout their bass fishing adventures.

Booking a Trip with Fleetwood Bass Fishing in Orlando on the Skeeter FXR21 Apex: The Ultimate Bass Fishing Charter Experience

Are you ready to experience bass fishing aboard the premier Skeeter FXR21 Apex with Fleetwood Bass Fishing in Orlando?

With the Skeeter's state-of-the-art design, you'll have a smooth, stable, and comfortable ride, setting the stage for an unparalleled fishing experience. Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, the expert crew at Fleetwood is dedicated to tailoring the trip to your needs, ensuring you explore Orlando's most bountiful bass fishing spots.

The beautiful waters around Orlando are teeming with bass. Coupled with the region's scenic beauty, it's not just about fishing – it's about enjoying nature at its finest. So, revel in the scenic beauty of Orlando waters, learn invaluable fishing techniques, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

With rave reviews and countless satisfied customers, isn't it time you treated yourself to the best bass fishing charter experience ever? Book your adventure with Fleetwood Bass Fishing today and make every moment count!

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